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Dedicated to Creating Unforgetable Golf Experiences.

The Holy Trinity of Golf


Kick-Ass Golf Events

We provide the best golf events. Period. Outside of your bucket list courses, this will be the most fun you've had on a golf course.


Sports Bar & Indoor Golf

We're working tirelessly to develop your go to sports bar. And it just so happens the best sports bar in town will also have simulators.


We bring The Golf to YOU

Ever just want the golf to come to your home? We developed a mobile simulator. So whether it's birthdays, bachelor parties, or tailgates, we've got you covered.

The Best Golf Events . Period.

LIV Golf Team


The most fun you'll have on a golf course. It's like if Stagecoach & Golf had a baby.

Tiger woods tee off in front of a crowd

Best Ball

We are going to recreate the PGA Tour experience, but this time you're the pro golfer.

Local Ryder Cup

Calling all local legends and up and comers. Let's create the Ryder Cup atmosphere in a city near you.

Foreplay Indoor Golf

We get it. Living in the Northeast means long winters, beautiful summers and a group of people tougher than most. All of that bodes well for your work ethic and sense of humor, but not so well for your golf game. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The ForePlay Indoor Golf experience will make you forget about that Nor’easter, rainy day or when it’s just too dark to play. This state of the art facility will allow you to travel and play world class courses from all over the world and you won’t be standing on the tee box waiting for that foursome that has never heard the term “Ready Golf.” So strap in for the best golf experience outside of 75 and sunny with your three best friends.

Mobile Golf Simulator

Caddy Wagon
Caddy Wagon offers a high end golf simulator experience for both Corporate and Individual Events. Whether the venue is Outdoors or Indoors Caddy Wagon is able to deliver the ultimate simulated golf experience to you. Caddy Wagon is equipped with Foresight Sports Technology delivering the most precise golf data available.

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